Brownsville braces for Hermine

September 6, 2010 8:16:32 PM PDT
With as much as 12 inches of rain in the forecast, people in the Rio Grande Valley are preparing for the worst. Some schools have already cancelled classes for Tuesday. In the last couple of hours, the backdrop on the island has dramatically shifted. It is very windy, and there's been a lot of patchy rain that's heavy at times.

Not many storefronts are boarded up, though locals say they expect a lot of rain from this storm.

We found a lot of vacationers here for Labor Day weekend holiday stocking up just in case.

A lot of people said the storm caught them by surprise and they don't want to be ill-prepared if they're stuck indoors for the next few days.

"Maybe some water, food, lot of candles, batteries, stuff like that," vacationer Jeff Covington said.

"We just basically got some snacks and some flash lights in case the electricity goes out," Eric Louviere said.

Umbrellas were removed from beaches. Two school districts including Brownsville ISD, will be closed on Tuesday, as they brace for possible flooding from the storm.

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