Residents sue League City over bridge


It was a bridge that's part of many memories.

"I still remember one special Mothers Day; my youngest son brought home the best present ever -- a bucket full of minnows that he had caught at the seminole bridge," one resident told City Council.

Now it's a bridge to nowhere.

"As it is now, we have to go all the way around through a whole other neighborhood just to get to our neighborhood," Glen Cove Park HOA President Scott Freudenburg said.

For years, the people who call Glen Cove Park home in League City used the bridge for everything, from recreation to walking to their neighbors.

Now neighbors say it's off limits because the city gave it to a developer.

While the bridge was torn down by the Texas Department of Transportation several years ago, residents say the bridge remains and the land around it was not the city's to give away; they say it belongs to the residents.

"When you know for a fact that something belongs to you and somebody comes and takes it away from you, it's the principal that we are trying to stand up for here," Freudenburg said.

So they are lobbying City Council members to make it right.

"How about letting reason and logic prevail here and do the right thing?" League City resident Dan Becker said.

Council approved rescinding the lease with the developer this week, but it's unclear what the next move is.

"We are doing everything we can to make sure we come up with a resolution that everyone concerned -- the Glen Cove neighborhood, the developers, and the city -- everyone can agree because it's the best solution for us all," League City Spokesperson Kristi Wyatt said.

Those who call Glen Cove Park home say it's not only about constructing a new bridge but rebuilding some trust.

"Come out in public and admit that they made a mistake giving the bridge to the developer," Freudenburg said.

The lawsuit filed by the residents is still making its way through the courts. The next City Council meeting is September 14.

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