Students moved due to power outages

HOUSTON School district officials have learned from the power company that it may take several hours to restore, but according to HISD spokesperson Norm Uhl, power has now been repaired at Piney Point. Parents are still allowed to pick up their children from school if they wish, and many have already done so.

Students from Crawford-Sherman are being bused to E.O. Smith at 1701 Bringhurst, 77020. Parents may pick up their children at E.O. Smith if they wish. The children will be bused back to Crawford-Sherman at regular dismissal time for parent pick up. Those who ride the school bus will take the bus as scheduled.

All students will be fed lunch and engaged in learning activities until their parents are able to pick them up or until the end of the school day.

Pilgrim Academy's air conditioning is back on and running. The kids will not be bused to another location.

One employee at Piney Point is being checked out by medical personnel for heat-related stress.

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