Two shot after Baytown home invasion

BAYTOWN, TX The men who were involved in shooting are on the loose. Police say the attackers got into a home on Avenue J and Dorris on Saturday night.

People who live on the street where this happened are so scared for their lives, they didn't want to talk on camera. They all told me they heard the gunshots, but didn't dare go outside. Instead they waited for police to get there to be sure the situation was under control.

Late Saturday night, stillness in this Baytown neighborhood was broken by countless gunshots.

"We retrieved casings from both a rifle and a pistol," said Lt. Eric Freed of the Baytown Police Department.

Police say four men, wearing bandanas and dressed in all black clothing, drove up to the townhome and cornered a family of four.

"They forced the husband and wife into the home. they had their two children with them," Lt. Freed said.

The suspects apparently tied the couple's hands, then repeatedly beat the man. They took his wife and children, ages four and six, into another room and didn't hurt them.

"The suspects demanded his car keys and cash," said Lt. Freed.

But after a few minutes in the house, they left with neither. On their way out, police say the four guys spotted two men, who'd just driven up onto the couple's driveway. They shot both of them, jumped in their own car and sped away.

While police say there's no question the couple was targeted, they won't elaborate on exactly why. They told us there is no reason to believe there are gang ties or evidence pointing them to drugs.

We tried to talk to the victims about the crime, but no one came to the door.

Neighbors who witnessed the horrifying ordeal told us about another shooting here just last month and they hope the gunmen don't come back.

Both of the men who were shot are in the hospital in stable condition. Police aren't releasing any names right now. They're still looking for those four suspects.

Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to call Baytown Crime Stoppers at 281-427-8477. All callers remain anonymous.

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