Houston man accused in Ill. of cocaine possession

August 16, 2010 6:07:16 AM PDT
A Texas man is accused of planning to deal what authorities estimate is $1.5 million worth of cocaine seized from a truck he was driving during an Interstate 70 traffic stop. Hilario Medina of Houston is charged in East St. Louis with possession with intent to distribute 65 kilograms of cocaine.

Investigators say the drugs were found in the cab of Medina's truck last Thursday during the traffic stop in Madison County.

Investigators say the 45-year-old man insisted he didn't know what he was carrying but believed it to be cocaine, marijuana or money, and that he was paid $6,000 to drive the load to the Chicago area.

Medina was ordered detained pending further proceedings.

Online court records do not show that Medina has an attorney.