Mayor Parker weighs in on Wal-Mart, drainage

HOUSTON As for the Wal-Mart issue, Mayor Parker again emphasized that the city doesn't have jurisdiction on what a private land owner can build on the property. But they can hold them accountable for how they build it.

The city does, however, have control over a drainage proposal. It will be on the November ballot and you will be able to decide whether or not the city of Houston would be able to assess a tax to homeowners and landowners to pay for an improved drainage system.

Houston city council doesn't have to disclose what kind of fees they'll assess until after the initiative passes. But Mayor Parker says she'll put out a plan beforehand so that people will know exactly what they'll be voting on.

"We don't have to take any kind of action until it passes," said Mayor Parker. "But I think it's unfair to the voters of Houston to expect them to vote on something where we say, 'Trust us. We'll work out a fee later.'"

The plan for the drainage fee is expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

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