Robbery suspect shot, killed by officers

PASADENA, TX Police say the suspect robbed a Denny's Restaurant off Highway 225 and Richey around 3am. Apparently, he was a customer dining inside but then pulled a gun and robbed the place. A witness called police to report the robbery in progress, and at least three officers initially responded.

One officer pulled up at the front of the restaurant, and two approached from behind the strip center next door to the restaurant. The suspect was spotted on foot near a parked unoccupied white Dodge pickup truck.

Officers found the suspect, who they say pointed a gun at them. That's when officers opened fire. The suspect was struck multiple times in the front torso area, dropped to the ground and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 43-year-old suspect, David Christian Ufert, is a registered sex offender. Authorities say approximately $280 was found in the immediate area of Ufert's body.

Investigators say the truck Ufert used was found to have been reported stolen from the Baytown area Sunday evening.

In accordance with policy, the two officers involved will be placed on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation. One officer is a 12-year veteran and the other has been on the job about five months.

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