Nearly 30 workers laid off in city housing department

HOUSTON We were there as those employees were notified one by one that they were being let go, and those who talked to us said they were paying the price for bad management decisions.

For the first time in 25 years, Frankie Davis won't have a job to go back to Monday morning.

"Bad management decisions is why we're being laid off," she told us.

She is one of 29 people laid off by the city's housing department.

"We should not lose our jobs because of their decisions," said Davis.

Allison Hall got the email, too.

"I've been here 10 and a half years," she said. "I've never gotten written up. I'm here on time. I come to work every day. You didn't even give me an excuse for why you laid me off."

"We wish there were another way, but we have no choice but to live within our means," said James Notewear, Director of the city's Housing and Community Development Department.

Noteware says the layoffs boil down to mathematics. He says the department is undergoing hi-tech improvements and tough decisions accompanied those changes.

"We have agonized over it," he said. "It was a difficult situation to anticipate and to implement."

Severence packages include 45 days with pay and benefits, along with help with job searches. Davis says she'd give it all away just to have her job back.

"We need our jobs to take care of our families just like they do," she said.

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