HISD's Apollo 20 project to help low-performing schools

HOUSTON The project will begin with nine schools this fall. Four are high schools - Jones, Kashmere, Lee and Sharpstown. Five are middle schools - Attucks, Dowling, Fondren, Key and Ryan.

The schools will have a longer day, and longer academic year. All sixth and ninth grade students will receive daily math tutoring, and students in other grades who are behind in math or reading will have a double period in those subjects.

The math tutors began two weeks of training today. HISD Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier told them their jobs will prepare Houston children for college. The tutoring is especially important for black and Hispanic children, who are less likely to go to college than white children.

"We're going to eradicate that achievement gap and be the first country in this school district to do so," said Dr. Grier.

Eleven more schools will be added to the program next year for a total of 20.

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