Houston man's unusual vehicle stolen

HOUSTON "I ride the motorcycle every year, and it's a lot of fun," said seven-year-old Angel Cadriel.

Angel looks forward to the one time a year she gets to ride a motorcycle with her dad, Esteban Martinez, in Houston's Art Car Parade. But what happened at their east side home early Friday morning has changed that.

"I just couldn't believe it because it was just sitting in my driveway," Esteban told us. "You feel completely violated."

The motorcycle they have ridden together, even winning a third place trophy in the parade, was stolen. Esteban showed us his photos of the the 2002 GSXR Suzuki, nearly covered in skulls -- a strange and crazy design which seemed to grabbed people's attention.

"It ended up being the right theme to get people's attention," said Martinez. "This isn't the kind of attention you'd want to get."

He has a car with a similar skull-laden design. He can still get around town. But to his little Angel, that's not the point.

"Every day, I ride in the car," she said.

To her, this is simple.

"It's called stealing and it's bad," she said.

It's also heartbreaking to lose such a unique possession.

"It's not just a regular vehicle," said Esteban. "It's something we used to bring out to kids in the schools to get people more encouraged into art."

Now he's hoping someone will spot the special bike and do the right thing.

"Hopefully, something good will come of this," he said.

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