'Lois' the corpse flower continues to bloom


We started to see it open up early Wednesday morning at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The flower -- known as Lois -- was supposed to bloom two weeks ago.

Crowds have been showing up every day to get a glimpse of the rare sight and smell. The stench is said to be similar to rotting flesh.

Only 28 of these flowers have ever bloomed in the United States.

A certain couple hopes Lois fully blooms, and her odor fades away before Saturday. On Saturday, Jonathan Smith and Jessica Zabala plan to get married in the exhibit hall and reserved the area more than a year ago.

The flower has started blooming and emitting its odor which resembles rotting flesh.

"It was blooming two weeks ago and we thought it would be over by our wedding day," said bride-to-be Jessica Zabala. "Everyone thought it would be over by our wedding day, but it's just now starting to bloom so we'll probably get the remnants of it on our wedding day."

The couple says some of their guests jokingly asked if they need to bring a gas mask to the ceremony.

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