100 miniature horses, dozens of dogs received by SPCA

HOUSTON The animals will be transported to a satellite horse and farm animal facility and the dogs will be brought to the Houston SPCA. All of the animals will undergo a medical and behavioral evaluation before they can be put up for adoption.

The Houston SPCA says it is requesting the help of volunteer equine veterinarians, carriers and donations of miniature horse halters and lead ropes in order to make the animals available for adoption.

The SPCA did allow the woman who gave up the animals to keep some animals to which she has an emotional attachment.

"We feel the animals we left in her care can be adequately taken care of within her financial means, however, if certain circumstances change, then we'll still be involved in the animals life and verify that the animals are properly taken care of in the future," said Charles Jansen, Chief Cruelty Investigator with the Houston SPCA.

The agency says horses are expensive to care for and the plunging economy has taken its toll on horse owners.

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