Chris Brown makes comeback on BET Awards

LOS ANGELES, CA Chris Brown made his return to the spotlight -- more than a year after his beating Rihanna incident. T.I. also appeared on the same awards show that indirectly led to his arrest a few years back. It was en route to the 2007 BET Awards in Atlanta that he was arrested for trying to buy a cache of weapons.

T.I. has completed a jail sentence and even took part in a sketch in which he poked fun at himself. He and host Queen Latifah were talking on stage when she said she was going to pull something out of her pocket. T.I. pretended to be shocked and said guns had no place at an awards show. But what Queen Latifah was pulling out was a camera -- to take their picture on stage.

Also making a comeback appearance El DeBarge. He riffed through a series of his hits as a member of his family group -- and both looked and sounded good in doing so, with his falsetto staying intact after all these years. And the awards show started with a comeback -- that of Kanye West.

He performed to open the show in what was his first awards show appearance since snatching the mic from Taylor Swift at last year's MTV Video Music Awards. That antic ended up having him dissed in turn by President Barack Obama, who called West "a jackass."

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