DJ shot to death outside nightclub

HOUSTON Police say Sergio Lima, 30, had nothing to do with the fight that led to the shooting at the Las Palmas nightclub on Telephone Road near Golfway. The shots were fired from inside a moving car across the parking lot.

Patrons of the Las Palmas nightclub hung around until sunrise, waiting for answers. Around 4am Friday someone opened fire, killing the club's DJ, who happened to be standing outside.

Sgt J.M. Delacruz with the Houston Police Department Homicide Division said, "There was some sort of dispute between two groups of males inside the club."

Police say it all started with a bar fight inside. Security asked the trouble makers to leave and eyewitnesses say on their way out they slowed their car, aimed guns at the club and fired off several rounds.

"We don't believe the person struck was involved in the dispute," said Sgt. Delacruz. "We believe they may have struck an innocent bystander."

Luis Alvarez, a friend of the victim, recalled, "I was inside when everybody started running back in."

Alvarez, the DJ's longtime friend, says before the shooting the two were making plans to watch Mexico's World Cup match this weekend. He says his friend was on a break while the band played when he took one bullet to the head.

"Normally, out the back door, they take out the beer cans and they put them in the dumpster," Alvarez explained. "I think he was doing that and just got hit."

Alvarez, who is a regular at this club, says no one knew the guys accused of causing a ruckus. He says they boasted of their affiliation with a Mexican mob and turned their rage on an innocent family man.

"Those guys were just, I guess, too out of control," Alvarez said.

Police say the four guys who fired those shots and sped out of the parking lot were last seen heading north on Telephone Road driving a white Chrysler 300 with paper license plates H11 8258. If you've seen that car or have any information on this case, you're asked to call Houston police.

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