Hurricane workshop held at GRB

HOUSTON The turnout grows every year at the hurricane workshop, where people come ask their questions about hurricane preparedness and the season's forecast.

"We want to do it before anything happens in the Gulf," said Manvel resident Carole Steans.

Steans brought her entire family, knowing if anything happens, they'll have to get through it together.

"Even the littlest one will know exactly, even if the hurricane is coming, you don't want to scare them, but so they'll be prepared," she said.

Some were there because of what they'd learned from past storms.

"Hurricane Katrina, where most of my family was here because they evacuated, it's definitely because we have to prepare, because they were unprepared," said east Houston resident Enice Temple.

"The first year we were here, Ike hit and we've learned the importance of working together as a community and getting out to know people whenever these times come," said northwest Harris County resident Brad Smith.

For the thousands of people there, learning how to prepare was vital.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett wants residents to keep it simple.

"Make a plan. What happens if hurricane comes our way? If you live in an area subject to storm surge, prepare to evacuate because that is what you are going to want to do," said Judge Emmett. "If you live in one of those other areas, then prepare to shelter in place."

Because busy or not, hurricane season is here.

"One's enough," said Smith.

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