Thieves caught stealing from animal charity

HOUSTON The suspects broke into the Houston Humane Society early Thursday morning and spent nearly two hours sorting through equipment and stashing it into a vehicle waiting outside, according to a statement from the animal charity. The suspects took off with several pressure washers, arc welders, commercial lawn care equipment, a trailer and a significant number of power and manual tools.

"As a nonprofit, this equipment is very difficult to come by. These items are things we use every day at the shelter," the society's executive director, Sherry Ferguson, said in the statement. "It's heartbreaking that someone would steal from homeless animals. They're so deserving of our time, our attention and funds in order to help give them a second chance."

Security cameras caught the burglars in the act, and detectives later found articles of clothing, a lid to a spray paint can and foot and fingerprints.

But Ferguson said the stolen equipment has affected their daily operations.

The charity is asking anyone capable of replacing the stolen items to send the donations to P.O. Box 450528, Houston 77245 or make them online at

Meanwhile, anyone who knows any of the people involved in the burglary is being encouraged to contact the R.A.I.D.E.R officers, the HHS 's in-house animal cruelty investigators, at 713-433-6421, ext. 396 or email them at

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