HISD investigates suspected cheating on exams

HOUSTON HISD is investigating whether two teachers at Wheatley helped students cheat on Advanced Placement exams. The teachers are suspected of allowing students to use books during the tests this past school year.

HISD Spokesperson Norm Uhl explained, "Typically standard procedure would be to remove the teacher from the classroom pending the outcome of an investigation. But in this case, allegations came up after the school year was out, so these teachers presently are not in the classroom."

Students who score high on the Advance Placement tests can earn college credit.

Last month, we told you about a TAKS cheating investigation at Normandy Crossing Elementary in Galena Park ISD. The district has handed over its findings to the Texas Education Agency. Five school employees resigned after the allegations. Fifth graders at Normandy Crossing will re-take the TAKS test at the end of this month.

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