Teen charged in pellet-gun shooting

MAGNOLIA, TX The victim survived and remains in a hospital, and we're learning more about what happened. Investigators say the teens were arguing Friday night at a home off Hayden Drive in Magnolia.

Police aren't releasing any names because the people involved are all minors. The victim is in serious, but stable condition.

The three Magnolia High School teenagers are all friends. They got together Friday afternoon to play video games when authorities say one of them got his hands on a rifle-style pellet gun.

"May or may not realize that it's loaded, squeezes one round off and hits the victim in the head," Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Detective John Schmidt said.

The gun belongs to a third boy who lives at a house off Hayden Drive in Magnolia. The shooter and victim, were visiting.

We spoke with the third boy who was sitting next to his friend who was shot. His father didn't want him to appear on camera. The boy told us his friend paused the video game to send a text and looked up just as his friend pulled the trigger.

"If you stick it right to somebody's temple, that'd be real dangerous, especially nowadays how they make the weapons," neighbor Chad Sullivan said. "They're a lot more powerful than they used to be."

Sullivan, who's the father of three young boys, says the key to protecting your kids is teaching them not to play with guns, no matter what kind it is.

"You gotta teach 'em about gun safety," Sullivan said. "They're not toys. You don't play around with them."

Late Saturday afternoon, Montgomery County officials confirmed the shooter is charged with aggravated assault. He was taken into custody and is in the juvenile detention facility.

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