Security guard charged with murder

HOUSTON Houston police said there were inconsistencies between what the security guard said and what the evidence shows. Three nights after he fatally shot a 20-year-old man at a southeast Houston apartment complex, the guard himself was arrested at his home and charged with murder.

Angela Crockett had felt from the beginning that her son was killed without provocation. Now others suspect the same.

"He did nothing wrong at all," the victim's mother said.

Everette Crockett, 20, lived with his mother while he worked and went to community college. Last month he became a father. Then, three nights ago he was shot and killed by an armed security guard at the Cullen Park Apartments.

Security was called to investigate a cracked car tail light blamed on Crockett. Words were exchanged and Crockett drove off, said to have brushed the guard with his car. His mother called him to come back and apologize. But when Crockett returned, the guard, Terry Lee Beacom, 22, fired three rounds at Crockett who slumped behind the wheel. Beacom told police and the security company that he shot because he feared he'd be run over.

On Tuesday, John Beegle with Top Gun Security said, "Our officer was standing about 20 feet in front of the vehicle and punched the accelerator, leaving our officer with no option but to defend his life."

But witnesses said otherwise and for homicide investigators, so did physical evidence. Crockett's fatal wound and three bullet holes in the car indicated the same.

"The bullets actually go from the front of the car, around to the side of car, and the bullet that actually killed him comes from just behind the driver's side," explained Captain David Gott with HPD Homicide. "If you're running somebody over, then they're coming at you," Gott said. "The bullets were around the side and to the back."

Beacom is now charged with murder. "It's what I wanted but not good because it won't bring my son back," Crockett said. Cooperative at the scene three nights ago, police say Beacom would not give a sworn statement after his arrest overnight.

As for those who knew and loved Everette Crockett...

"Life was cut too short," said Crockett's friend, Lawrence Young. "We never know when we're going to die, but, I mean, just to go out in a tragic way like that, man, it hurts."

Top Gun Security, the company for which Beacom worked, released the following statement:

    "Top Gun Security again expresses its heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Crockett with regard to the tragic shooting of May 24, 2010. Our hearts and prayers go out to them during this time of pain and grief.
    Based upon information we originally received from Officer Beacom combined with the fact that HPD released him the following morning after their interview with him without charges, we made generally supportive statements regarding his actions. Now that Officer Beacom has in fact been criminally charged, Top Gun Security believes it should refrain from commenting upon the incident and let the true facts become established through the legal process.
    All officers at Top Gun Security are trained at private security training academies approved and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, including Officer Beacom. During the period of time Officer Beacom has been employed at Top Gun Security, he had an excellent record with no prior incidents. He was considered to be a good employee and family man. In accordance with the provisions of the Texas Private Security Act and the DPS administrative rules, Officer Beacom has been suspended without pay, pending resolution of the criminal charges lodged against him."
    John Beegle - Assist Chief, Top Gun Security

    Beacom's bond is set at $50,000.

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