Horrible stench reported in SW Houston

May 26, 2010 2:02:06 PM PDT
The City of Houston has not found the origin of a tremendous odor in far southwest Houston, but they think it may be linked to criminal activity. The odor is centered around Bellaire Boulevard, a few blocks west of Beltway 8.

Residents started calling the city Tuesday evening complaining about a strong odor of gas. Centerpoint Energy crews traced the odor to a water treatment plant near a subdivision. Our SkyEye HD crew smelled the odor 500 feet in the air.

"My parents live here and I came here this morning and I took them out of the house. They were dizzy and the animals were acting weird, so I got them all out," said James Ramirez. "It smelled like gas the second I got in there. It's horrible."

"There is no gas leak on the property. We do believe at some point during the night that there may have been illegal dumping that may have occurred," said Alvin Wright, City Public Works Spokesman.

City environmental workers have started checking area manholes for evidence of illegal dumping.