How does it feel? Teenager shows he's 'got Dylan'

MINNEAPOLIS, MN Twenty performers gave it a shot Monday at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis to celebrate Dylan's 69th birthday -- including 14-year-old Max Etling, who won the informal contest last year.

Some imitated Dylan's yowling voice and blew harmonica. Max, an eighth-grader from Wayzata, wore a "got dylan?"

T-shirt as he tackled songs like "Shot of Love" on solo acoustic guitar, then went electric with a band.

Max first entered the contest in sixth grade. He says his dad, who was there with him, has played him Dylan since he was crawling on the ground.

The bar has held the contest since 1980 as a tribute to Dylan, a Minnesota native who got his start in Twin Cities coffeehouses. No winner was named this year.

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