Flooding leaves one person dead, problems on roads

HOUSTON That lightning strike caught a house on fire in northeast Houston. It happened at a home on Cottage Timbers And Glen Water. The homeowner says his family was at the dinner table around 9pm when they heard a very loud pop and the circuit breakers flipped. A few minutes later, they saw smoke coming out of the air vents. The homeowner opened the attic and it was filled with smoke. The family got out of the house unharmed but fire destroyed the entire roof.

Last night's heavy rain caused several roads to flood. In north Houston, many drivers who braved high waters on Tidwell ended up stalled. Many other drivers pulled into a washateria parking lot to wait for water to recede. On the Eastex Freeway, authorities closed the feeder road at Aldine Mail Route at around 8pm because of high water. On the North Freeway, an 18-wheeler crashed at the North Loop, blocking all southbound lanes.

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A sinkhole opened in what was a brand new road in Ft. Bend County. Ransom Road used to lie above a tunnel between the new Ft. Bend County courthouse and the old jail. While the tunnel is still intact, the road is not. The construction crew working on the tunnel believes the gravel and soil that sat above the tunnel and below the road washed away in the heavy rain. The tunnel is still under construction. The road reopened last month.

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The floodwaters proved deadly in north Houston last night. A woman's car went into in high water, trapping her inside. It happened on Parker and the North Freeway in north Houston. Witnesses told police the woman drove into a parking lot off the feeder road. The car ended up in a retention pond, and that is where she drowned. It took a while before crews could recover her body.

"It was quite a while till we could get out here. Even HFD had a long response time. Between the traffic and the high water, even the fire trucks couldn't get through for a while."

The woman hasn't been identified yet.

All the rain Friday night caused the bayous around the city to fill up. In fact, Harris County flood data shows Buffalo Bayou rose about 8 feet near downtown since Friday morning.

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More rain is in the forecast for this weekend. Check the five-day forecast, our county by county MegaDoppler 13 radar and interactive street-level weather map.

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