Alleged 'hit list' found in student's possession

HOUSTON Brazos ISD Superintendent Jack Ellis said the mother of the sophomore student called Brazos High School on April 30 concerned about her son. Several school counselors and officials talked to the teen and were also concerned.

The 'hit list' was found on a spiral notebook on May 4 when Austin County Sheriff's Department went to the teen's home to check everything out. The teen was temporarily put in juvenile authority custody, but was turned back over to his mother on Tuesday.

Ellis said he doesn't know how many people may be on the list, but he described it as a list of people the teen wanted to "get even with." School officials have not seen the list of names. Ellis also says the youth had not reported any problems with anyone in the school, has not been very cooperative, just saying that he "hated everybody."

A letter from Brazos ISD was sent home to parents stating the student was suspended, was withdrawn from the school and will not return to school for the remainder of the school term. The school is also considering expulsion proceedings against the student to extend into the 2010-2011 school year.

Ellis also says in the letter that the school has placed staff on alert, has hired a security officer and has notified Wallis police to keep the school and student's residence under observation.

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