Junior high students filmed sex act in class?

OXNARD, CA "I want those kids to be expelled out of the school because they shouldn't have oral sex in front of classmates," said parent Silva Ramirez.

Some parents are outraged and shocked on the heels of allegations of a boy and a girl engaged in oral sex during class at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard, California.

Ramirez said students in the class videotaped the alleged sex act on their cell phones.

Asked if she had seen the video, Ramirez replied, "Yes, I have seen the video. [It shows] the two people doing sex."

School district officials say the alleged incident took place nearly two months ago, but recently came to light after a parent filed a complaint about a bullying issue at the school.

School administrators were investigating that complaint when someone tipped them off about the alleged sexual encounter during a 7th and 8th grade reading intervention class.

"The allegation is that two students were engaged in a sexual act for a brief period of time at the school," said Sean Goldman, assistant superintendent, Oxnard Elementary School District. "I'm not saying that that was actually what happened or not, but we're investigating that at this moment."

"That's kind of scary for our children," said parent Rosa Vargas. "They have to fire the teacher."

"Another parent that lives on my same block, her kid came home after school and she said, 'Mom, what is oral sex?'" said Ramirez. "What do you think the mom said? She freaked out."

School officials have placed the teacher on paid administrative leave. They won't say what actions, if any, have been taken against the students at this time.

As for whether the alleged sex act was videotaped, Goldman said, "I have no knowledge of any factual basis to believe that, but there are a lot of reports going out, and that's also part of our investigation."

"Yes, it happened," said Ramirez. "It happened. And there is videotape and probably all of Oxnard by now has it."

Ramirez wants to warn parents of Haydock students to check their children's cell phones, because she believes a lot of kids out there have that alleged video on their cell phones, and parents just don't know about it.

School officials say they will wrap up their investigation into the allegations in about a week or so and determine a course of action after that.

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