Police: Mad customer rams cars outside strip club

HOUSTON It all started at the Mirage Cabaret strip club on West 34th near T.C. Jester.

According to authorities, Jerome Ivan Ponette was kicked out of the strip club. He got into a vehicle in the parking lot and rammed four vehicles before taking off.

While the trouble started at the club, it certainly didn't end there. Some other customers inside the club chased after the man in their vehicles, even firing a weapon at him as they went after him.

The driver wasn't hit, but the car was damaged when he crashed into two additional vehicles. He was injured and later taken to a hospital. At least one other driver was injured in that final set of crashes, as well.

The people who opened fire on the driver fled the scene.

Houston Police Department spokeswoman Jodi Silva said Ponette is expected to be charged with aggravated criminal mischief.

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