Perry against AZ law, blames Washington for it

HOUSTON ABC 13 spoke with Gov. Rick Perry Tuesday while he was in Houston for an event at the Chinese consulate. Perry says, while all eyes are on Arizona after passing that immigration law, he's actually looking towards Washington.

The governor says, in Texas, there is a laundry list of priorities when it comes to immigration.

When asked about the new immigration law in Arizona, he says there should be a debate on border security before a legitimate discussion on immigration reform.

"When you have a porous border, and people are moving back and forth across that border, then it doesn't make any difference what you do on immigration policy, frankly," Perry said.

He adds the Lone Star State has been exacting that alone, spending years and millions of its own money funding border security.

"It can be done," Perry said. "It takes boots on the ground. It takes technology. I've been asking and talking about for almost four years for predator drones."

Perry is extremely critical of Washington's efforts, calling it a failure at securing the border.

"You can secure the border," he said. "I just don't know whether Washington DC has the interest."

While Arizona may have similar problems when it comes to immigration, as long as this man is serving as Texas governor, he seems to be looking toward a very different solution.

Perry has sent millions of dollars to south Texas for border security during his time as governor, increasing law enforcement presence between Texas and Mexico.
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