Beauty bargains for $10 or less

HOUSTON Beauty experts tell us that some of their favorite makeup products are actually cheap -- all less than $10 and all purchased at the drug store. Professional makeup artist Heather Hughes loves the great deals she can find at the corner drug store.

"So you can look beautiful without going into debt," she said.

Hughes has tested hundreds of products. Her favorites include 10 products for less than $10! First up is L'Oreal Tru Match concealer at just $7.97.

"The reason why I like this Tru Match concealer, they have a wide range of colors to match all skin types," Hughes explained. "It doesn't give you a lot of build up, so it's not going to crease."

Beauty steal number two is Milani eye shadow, at just $5.49. Hughes says these are a great value because they are versatile and can be applied wet or dry.

Hughes said, "It has a great amount of pigment so you can have a lot of drama or you can do more of a natural look."

Beauty steal number three is a bronzer called New York Color. They come in different shades to match every skin tone and the price is $5.59.

"The reason I like these, it has a multiple of colors so you don't run the risk of getting too orange, too light, or anything like that," Hughes explained.

Beauty steal number four is Revlon lip liner. The liners come in a wide range of colors and are $6.94.

"They are creamy," Hughes said. "They are going to last all day long."

Beauty steal number five is Maybelline lipstick. They sell for just $5 apiece.

Hughes said, "The reason I like these, it's because they are creamy and they're not going to be drying or crunchy on your lips."

If you'd rather wear gloss, beauty steal number is Revlon lip gloss. It's one of Hughes' favorite beauty products.

"These you can add just on top of your lip liner," she said. "You can wear them by themselves or you can put them on top of the lipstick."

Beauty steal number seven is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfecter. It's a little bit over the $10 limit, but Hughes found it on sale for ten bucks.

"It gives you a nice highlight without the build up and you just look refreshed for the day," Hughes said. "(It's) my favorite, favorite find."

Houston Makeup Artist Heather Hughes' Top Ten Beauty Buys under $10

  1. L'oreal True Match Concealers $7.97
  2. Milani Eye Shadow $5.49
  3. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara. $7.19
  4. New York Color Bronzer $4.49
  5. Revlon Color Stay lip liners $6.94
  6. Maybelline Lipsticks $5.04
  7. Revlon Lip Glosses $5.94
  8. Maybelline Eye Studio gel liners $8.49
  9. Milani Black Magic Eye Glimmer with an Eyeliner $5.49
  10. Maybelline Matte Mousse $7.24
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