Fish kills from algae top 100,000 in 2 Texas lakes

April 26, 2010 5:00:41 AM PDT
Officials say more than 100,000 fish have died in two golden alga-infested Texas lakes -- kills so large that pelicans are apparently flying hundreds of miles from the Gulf Coast to feed. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department estimates at least 50,000 fish have died at Possum Kingdom lake in northern Texas. Officials say at least another 68,900 are dead about 90 miles to the southeast in Lake Whitney.

Both lakes are part of the Brazos River system.

A Possum Kingdom fishing guide tells the Fort Worth Star-Telegram he has seen "a couple of hundred" pelicans and presumes they are attracted by wind-driven scents of the dead fish.

A wildlife biologist says the golden alga should clear up as water temperatures rise.