State investigates moving co. after complaints

HOUSTON The company called 99 Dollar Movers appeared to offer a great deal, but consumers say the movers who showed up instead charged them thousands of dollars. Now we are learning 99 Dollar Movers is itself on the move.

Tracye Dauphin's recent move may sound familiar.

She said, "I called the 99 Dollar Movers and they called to confirm the day before."

Dauphin says the company that showed up to actually move her stuff presented her with a contract from WJ Movers. Dauphin says she signed the contract without getting a chance to fully read it. After the movers loaded her belongings into a van, Dauphin says the $99 move went up in price dramatically.

She said, "They presented me with a bill of $5,900 for a move of less than two miles."

Dauphin says the movers would not unload her stuff until they were paid.

That's similar to what Selena Tristan says happened during her move and similar to what Courtney Harton says happened during her move.

Tristan's move was handled by AAA Best Rates Moving which is owned by William Johnson and based in New York.

Harton's move was handled by Johnson Movers which is also owned by William Johnson but based out of Pennsylvania.

Dauphin's moved was handled by WJ Movers, also owned by William Johnson from Pennsylvania.

Now the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is looking into these incidents.

DMV field investigator Donald Burns explained, "First and foremost, they are not registered. They are not registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles and so they are operating illegally."

Burns is a field investigator for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Burns says the state wants to hear from anyone who may have had a similar moving experience. Burns also says moving company advertisements and trucks must contain a state registration number.

He said, "That's how you can track the company. You can tell whether or not they are registered with us. By putting the TxDOT number in, you can tell if they are active and have the proper insurance on file."

We can tell you the ad for 99 Dollar Movers has been removed from Craigslist by the person who posted it.

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