Witness describes attempted METRO bus hijacking

HOUSTON Now we're hearing from one victim who says she fought with the same suspect just moments before.

Schnedria Johnson says Henry Hankston, who had recently been released from jail, was so out of control, she's amazed no one was seriously hurt.

"One minute, he just flipped off," said Johnson.

She was one of three people who tried to stop Hankston from attacking his 19-year-old cousin, Trevor Clark, in what police are calling a drug-induced rampage.

"He started swinging. He's a big guy so I was fixin' to get out of the way because I'm trying not to get hurt," said Johnson.

She said she and Clark were afraid he might run them over, so they let him have the car. Hankston was involved in four major traffic accidents, all of which he attempted to flee from, before police say Hankston beat up a METRO bus driver in an attempt to hijack the bus full of passengers.

"We have interviewed him today. So as far as I know, he's doing OK," said Asst. Chief Tim Kelly with METRO Police.

Johnson, who stopped at the accident scene, didn't realize Hankston had been shot in the stomach by a Good Samaritan until police started questioning her. She believes the shooting was justified.

"He really hurt a lot of people. We really don't have that much and what he destroyed is gone and can never be replaced but it's OK," said Johnson.

Hankston underwent surgery at Ben Taub Hospital and is said to be in stable condition.

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