Baby left at fire station

HOUSTON According to firefighters at the station, a man came to fire station #68 on Bissonnet at South Gessner at about 11am with a baby boy. He told an ambulance driver that the boy isn't his, but he wanted to leave him there.

The man reportedly said that his girlfriend left about a week ago and he's been caring for her children as well as this boy, who is not the girlfriend's child. He said he couldn't care for this boy any longer, but he doesn't know who the baby's parents are.

The baby boy is about nine months old and his name is believed to be Jaydon.

The baby appears to be in good condition. He was taken to Texas Children's Hospital to be checked out and is expected to be released soon.

The man who left the baby gave firefighters his contact information. Officials say under the Safe Place program, which accepts children of any age, this individual appears to have done the proper thing.

Unless family members come forward and can prove their relationship to the baby, he will remain in custody of Children's Protective Services.

CPS expects to place the child in a foster home, but they still haven't contacted the man and haven't confirmed his relationship to the child.

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