Appliance rebate program starts today


The rebates are for Energy Star rated appliances and can save you money.

The Verduzcos were merely looking at refrigerators until they found out the state's Energy Star appliance rebate program could shave $240 off the price tag.

"Right now everyone's trying to save money," said appliance shopper Aglae Verduzco, "so if it is something we can get into, and save, and not feel in the pocketbook, then why not take advantage of it?"

Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dish washers all qualify for the rebates as long as they have the Energy Star rating.

When you send your old appliance to a certified recycler, you'll get an extra $75. Many stores are offering to haul off the old appliance for you.

But you may want to apply for the rebate right away.

"I'd have to recommend they come on first thing in the morning," said Sears employee Paul Ray. "If it goes all day, fine, but come on early, get that early start."

You can also find rebates for larger appliances.

Central air conditioning systems, heat pumps and hot water heaters all qualify. Again, they have to be Energy Star rated.

Once you apply for the rebate, you have to wait a few days to buy.

"You are not buying tomorrow," Ray said. "That does not start-- the buying does not start until the 16th."

Texans can get up to two rebates per address, and you do have to replace an older working appliance.

"It will definitely help to make a decision, especially now when we're short on money," said Angel Verduzco said.

So the question everyone wants answered, how do you apply for the rebates?

The state has a web site set up to apply online. There is also a toll free phone number. Click here for all the information you need.

You don't have to know the exact model number of the appliance you plan to buy, but you do have to know what you replacing. For instance if you are buying a washing machine, you have to use the rebate money for a washing machine.

After you buy the appliance you will then mail in the required information, and then the rebate will be sent to you.

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