Officers testify in accused cop killer's trial

HOUSTON Landor's attorney didn't want the jury to hear about gunshot residue evidence collected by crime scene investigators, but the judge ultimately allowed it.

Prosecutors much of the day trying to paint the jury a picture of the murder investigation and how it unfolded.

Houston police arrested Landor less than an hour after he allegedly shot and killed /*Abernethy*/ during a routine traffic stop.

Prosecutors say while Landor was on the run, it appears he may have spent some time at his father's house. Investigators searched the home and found some very telling pieces of evidence.

One officer told the jury he located "hair clippers, clumps of hair, clothing consistent with the description given of the defendant and ID cards belonging to the defendant."

Today, prosecutors focused much of their attention on the SUV Landor was allegedly driving when officer Abernethy stopped him.

A crime scene investigator told the jury when they processed the Dodge Durango for evidence, "Landor's prints were found on the steering wheel and the gear shift."

Jurors are now hearing about gunshot residue collected by investigator prosecutors says, evidence that prosecutors say will link Landor to the crime. This was after a judge denied his attorney's request to keep it from the jury.

Landor is on trial for capital murder in the shooting death of officer Abernethy at an apartment complex back in December 2008. Yesterday, an eyewitness told the court he shot the officer Abernethy twice- once in the leg and once in the head.

The state plans to rest its case on Tuesday. If Landor is convicted of capital murder, he could face the death penalty.
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