Drugs may have played role in double shooting

HOUSTON The bodies of those men were found late last night on Carvel at Baneway and this morning, authorities converged on a home just a few blocks away from the deadly discovery. Investigators say the double murder happened in the middle of a drug deal.

Houston police officers, crime scene units and SWAT officers surrounded a home near Boone Park; a home just a couple of blocks from where last night's double murder took place.

"They had it all blocked off. It was about five police cars and they had the yellow strips out, so I assumed that it was a shooting or a killing or something," said resident Charlene Stafford.

Two young men in their 20s had been shot through the driver's side window. Some neighbors heard the gunfire and called 911. Patrol cars could be seen in the neighborhood throughout the night.

"I saw police speeding and combing the area," said Stafford.

Homicide investigators who were working the original double murder scene are combing through evidence inside the seconde location. A car was towed away from the home, and a narcotics officer is on the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Authorities did say they have two persons of interest in custody, but we don't have The victims' identities haven't been released.

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