Videotape shown in suspected cop killer's trial

HOUSTON The prosecutor in the capital murder trial of Mabry Landor, III, showed a crucial piece of its case today -- videotape of the police interview when Landor talks about the shooting of /*Officer Abernethy*/. It's a video confession Landor now disavows.

Landor is crying in the videotape of his interview with homicide investigators, played for the jury after lunch today. In it he said he was having problems with his girlfriend.

"I was contemplating suicide," Landor told investigators.

One asked, "How were you going to end your life?"

"Shooting myself, " Landor says on the video.

Much of the interview is muffled, with Landor crying and looking down. When investigators asked him how he felt after the shooting, he answered, "Scared."

Landor is on trial for capital murder in the shooting death of Officer Abernathy at an apartment complex on Sunforest on December 7, 2008. Earlier this morning, a key eyewitness took the stand for the prosecution, testifying that she heard a number of gunshots that morning before running to the window to see. She told the court she saw Landor shoot Abernethy twice, once in the leg and once in the head.

The court took a break not long after her testimony. Abernethy's family was obviously very upset and shaken by her accounts of his last moments alive.

Houston police packed the courtroom in a show of solidarity with the fallen officer's family.

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