Video shows safe stolen from Alley Theatre

HOUSTON "He appears to be on the phone with someone who we believe is a current employee or former employee giving him specific detailed information on where to go and what to look for," said Officer Eric Carr with HPD.

Investigators in HPD's Burglary and Theft Division think the New Year's burglary may have been an inside job. Police told us the man in these surveillance photos got into the Alley Theatre without much difficulty.

"Entered the facility with no forced entry, apparently he had a key to the facility," said Officer Carr.

The surveillance photos show the burglar walking through the theater offices. He rifles through some cabinets before he gets to the safe.

"He prowls around the office for several minutes. He eventually walks out with a safe that's on wheels so he pushed the safe out the front door," said Officer Carr.

Police say the thief scored big with this heist. The safe had $10,000 worth of cash and other valuables. The police report lists the safe's contents as gold rings, gold coins, an antique silver pocket watch, money and a savings bond and cell phones. Officers say several things make them think he had help from someone who works at the theater or used to work there.

"There's only a selected amount of people that have keys to the entrance," said Officer Carr.

Police spoke to theater staff but did not get much from them.

"Spoke with the staff there and tried to get any tips from any of the staff, but no one was able to recognize the individual at this time," said Officer Carr.

Investigators ask anyone with information about the Alley Theatre burglary to call police.

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