Residents tormented by wild hogs

MISSOURI CITY, TX From the white picket fence to the horses at the stable, Larry Watts has called this quiet place home for 30 years. But as development moved in, so did some unwelcome visitors.

He said, "They've plowed it up looking for acorns in the yard."

Watts says wild pigs paid him a visit the last few nights.

He said, "If you take a flashlight, you might suddenly see a lot of red beads, little eyes that reflect the light."

This homeowner is concerned from children to his 90-year-old mother, someone or something is going to get hurt.

"She has a Pomeranian that would be a morsel for the pigs and they were pretty close the other night," Watts explained.

Fort Bend County Game Warden Barry Eversole says, "This has been an ongoing problem in Fort Bend County, especially as more people move in. While it's being addressed by several agencies, there is no simple solution to keep the number of pigs under control."

Watts has set up a trap. He'll see what is in there tomorrow morning and what's left of his yard.

He said, "This is a bird sanctuary as far as I'm concerned. Great birds out here, but the pigs -- I'd just as soon they go west of the Brazos and stay there."

Game wardens are using several methods including trapping and birth control to try to get the situation under control.

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