Robbers use girl as bait to get into home

KATY, TX The crime happened in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday in the Cimarron area of Katy. Once inside the home, police say the thieves went from room to room, terrorizing the people inside.

People were out on Kenlake Drive on Saturday, mowing their yards, running errands and just enjoying the beautiful day. No one realized what was really going on just down the street.

"My garage door was open. I mean, I was right out here," said neighbor Scott Head.

While the time of day, 1:45pm in the afternoon may be surprising, the tactic three robbers used to get inside this home was even more so. Neighbors say the woman who lives here must have been disarmed because of who was knocking on her door.

"They used a little girl. She said the little girl was banging on the door. So she cracked the door and they did, they came rushing around the corner of the garage and busted in," said neighbor Allen Jones.

Not only were the robbers bold, they were also prepared. Investigators tell us the robbers used walkie-talkies to communicate with a lookout outside.

So when a male roommate came home, they were ready. He was pistol-whipped, and the robbers got away with electronics. Jones was there to help.

"I could see he had been cracked in the head and he was bleeding pretty bad," said Jones.

The male victim ran to his house next door to call police.

"He was scared to death," Jones said.

Now many residents are re-thinking their safety.

"Lock my door. Not answer it unless I know exactly who it is," said neighbor John Hayse.

Jones plans to enhance his security system. But never thought he'd have to be leery of a child.

"This MO could be used by anybody," said Jones.

Residents in the Cimarron area of Katy are talking about starting a neighborhood watch. This type of crime is a lot more serious than what they're used to seeing - usually just car break-ins.

Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office is investigating. They say the robbers ransacked the home and sped off in what is described as a white SUV. If you have any information in this case, call the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable's Office.

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