One dead after driver eluding police crashes

HOUSTON Police say an SUV took off when they tried to pull it over on Bellaire Boulevard, and a short time later it was involved in the deadly crash.

Officers spotted something suspicious just before 1am Sunday morning near the intersection of Ashcroft and Elm. They saw a car with windows broken out. As they drove up to that car, an SUV they believe the suspects were in drove off. The SUV picked up speed quickly. Officers turned on their lights and followed the vehicle but lost sight of it during the brief two minute chase.

As they came around the corner they say the SUV had struck a pickup truck at a very high rate of speed at the intersection of Bellaire and Larkwood. One of the victims was ejected from the pickup truck and killed. Two more people in the truck were transported to the hospital in serious condition.

"Very high speed, and lucky more people weren't killed in that crash. It's a wonder if you look at the wreck of that Toyota Tundra that all of them weren't killed in the collision," said Capt. Carl Driskell of the Houston Police Department.

Investigators say there were two suspects in the SUV. Both were taken to the hospital in serious condition. Alcohol may have been involved.

Police say the suspect driving will face felony murder charges for evading arrest. They estimate he was driving about 100 miles per hour.

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