Student's car stolen, used in crime spree

CONROE, TX The events leading up to the crime left a high school student upset, but also willing to help the thief.

"It was completely empty. Everything was taken," said Carrington McCray.

She has her Dodge Caliber back tonight, but for several hours Wednesday her car went missing.

"When I went to get my stuff, I noticed my purse was gone," said McCray.

Someone stole McCray's purse during lunch. It turned up in a boy's restroom, but her car keys, money and camera were missing. It turns out someone stole her car on the parking lot of the school.

"When you put 3,000 boys and girls together with things, unfortunately people make bad decisions," said Kathy Clark, Conroe ISD Director of Communications.

McCray's mother said police told her that the car was involved in robberies and a chase before officers arrested the driver early Thursday morning. Conroe ISD said surveillance video at the school helped police identify the car thief.

"They were able to identify the young man who took the car, and they found the car," said Clark.

In spite of her ordeal, McCray says she would offer to help the person who stole her car.

"I want to help. For whatever reason, he decided he needed to do this," said McCray.

The school found the person who stole the purse, but the school district did not say if he also stole McCray's car.

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