HISD to cut wages, eliminate cafeteria jobs

HOUSTON HISD Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier had said from day one that he planned to streamline this is the latest swing of the hatchet. This week, the state's largest school district announced a cut and slash of wages in jobs within the district's cafeteria workers. The drastic cut is to make up for a $10 million shortfall.

Over 400 cafeteria workers can expect a cut in wages. At least 57 workers are in line to have their jobs cut all together. Add to that is a plan to increase the cost of buying a school lunch. It costs approximately $1.75 for lunch now. That price is expected to go up to $2.

Dr. Grier says bad management is a contributing factor to the cuts. A centralized food preparation facility was supposed to save money by delivering meals already prepared to be warmed and served at the schools. Hurricane Ike is also being blamed for HISD losing over a $1 million in food.

The cuts are happening this week, following the resignation last week of HISD's Chief business officer, Richard Lindsay.

For parents, any increase in the cost of lunch meals will begin next school year.

We'll have more details on the job cut plans throughout the day on Eyewitness News and abc13.com.

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