Bucking bull gets loose at Reliant

HOUSTON The Quick family got home from the Rodeo Sunday with quite a story to tell. They saw the bull on the run.

"It went around the parking lot and went in circles and it came really close to us," said nine-year-old Margaret Quick.

"The bull came by and then dad started screaming at us to get down," said her six-year-old sister, Rebecca.

Andy Quick says the bull came running through the parking lot. He started yelling at his kids to get out of the way.

"It ran one way and we sort of got together and the bull turned around and came back and hit two people," he said.

Leroy Shafer with the Rodeo said the chuck wagons were going out when the bull charged the gate, causing a pin to fail. It was in the loading dock area and the bull eventually got into an employee parking lot.

"These bulls are nothing to play with and they're never meant to be in a public area," said Shafer. "I can't tell you how badly we feel that one got out. We guarantee it won't happen again."

Two employees -- a wrangler and a security guard -- tried to stop the bull and were knocked down. Police officers tried to use a Taser on the bull named 'Hardball.' That didn't work either.

"These three cowboys came out and got him," said Margaret.

It was real cowboy work the Quick family witnessed. The Rodeo is relieved no one was seriously injured. And the Quicks have quite a story to tell.

"It was really, really scary. And after, I was really, really happy," said Margaret. "And then I was shivering."

As for the injuries, we're told a female wrangler has a bruised foot. A security officer has cuts and scratches on his back. Rodeo officials are looking at security cameras to see if the escape may have been captured on surveillance video.

About the wrangler

According to Rodeo Houston officials, the wrangler who roped the bull last night is Bronc Boehnlein. When the bull broke out, he borrowed a horse and rope from a calf roper who was in the area and joined the men who were trying to corral the bull. He lives in Sacramento and left town Monday.
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