Bobcat found in downtown Houston

HOUSTON The 3-foot-long bobcat is now at Brazos Bend State Park. Around 11am a woman spotted it in the parking garage beneath Tranquility Park on Rusk at Bagby. The bobcat was two levels down.

Animal control officers as well as zoo workers corralled the animal. It took several tries to tranquilize it. They believe it came up from Buffalo Bayou looking for food.

"Wild animals are part of Houston," said Animal Control Supervisor Chris Glaser. "We have raccoons, we have skunks, we have coyotes that travel through here. Bobcats are just part of the population."

The bobcat is a young male. It was taken first to the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control, the city's animal shelter, where it got a clean bill of health. It was then taken to Brazos Bend in Fort Bend County where it was released into the wild.

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