Step into the world of Magic!

February 26, 2010 2:26:39 AM PST
A new exhibit dedicated to magic is opening tomorrow at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Wait 'til you see what they've managed to pull out of their hat. Step through this keyhole, and enter the world of mystery and illusion that is magic.

Deceptionist Richard Hatch said, "You'll have entree into a very secret world. Magic is a guild profession that survives on its secrets to a certain extent."

Though they can't reveal those secrets to you, magicians combine charismatic performances with the laws of math, physics, and psychology to wow audiences and trick minds. At the Houston Museum of Natural Science, you'll get to know some of the greatest names in magic: Robert Houdin, Alexander Herman, Blackstone, and then there's the great escape artist, Harry Houdini.

"He would be handcuffed, shackled, chained, he'd be put inside the box, they'd nail the box up, drop it into a river or lake, and while it was underwater, you can see the holes to help it submerge quickly, Hatch said.

And of course he always escaped with his life. The exhibit includes centuries old artifacts, film clips of famous magicians, and live shows. You can even take an oath of secrecy, and learn a magic trick yourself. Watch as these one dollar bills.. Turn into hundreds!

And get ready for one performance that'll showcase magic, like you've never seen it before. Show-stoppers Michael Blanco and Jessica Cubelli are accomplished Latin ballroom dancers who combine the sizzle of Latin dance with the mystification of magic.
Houston Museum of Natural Science
February 26 - September 6

The Rhythm of Magic at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
Showtimes: 11am, 1pm, 2pm