Jackson Lee, challengers face off in debate

Jarvis Johnson, Sean Roberts and Sheila Jackson Lee debated Saturday at the Shape Community Center.

February 14, 2010 7:33:17 AM PST
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and two challengers for her seat in Congress faced off during a debate this weekend at the Shape Community Center. "We must embrace opportunities for minority business to grow to make sure the 18th congressional district can grow, but it first must grow with its family, its educational system and certainly with its jobs," said Houston Councilmember Jarvis Johnson, who's challenging Jackson Lee.

"I walk what I talk," said attorney Sean Roberts, also going for Jackson Lee's seat. "I'm moving my office out off downtown into the Third Ward because I want to spark economic development and that's not going to come from the government folks. That's going to come from us."

Johnson and Roberts debated only each other at first. Jackson lee later joined them after returning from a trip to Haiti. She said she wanted to be a part of the debate.

"My service has been to respond and to be responsive to the 18th congressional district," she said. "Thank you for allowing me to serve you during this time frame."

In another debate at the Shape Community Center Saturday, two longtime local politicians faced off.

State Representative Al Edwards faced off against familiar challenger Boris Miles. This marks the third time Edwards faced former State Representative Miles in an election. Miles said what he would for District 146 do if elected, while Edwards touted his accomplishments.

"Jobs and the economy, creating new businesses, working with the city the county and the government for stimulus dollars to attract more businesses and infrastructure to improve the management districts and work with our new mayor," said Miles.

"I'm just not talking about it. I cut taxes for our small business folks. I cut taxes for our disabled veterans," said Edwards. "I'm not just talking about it. It's getting done."