Dynamo looking at stadium site near Galleria

HOUSTON While plans have stalled for a proposed stadium near downtown, there's new talk about possibly building a stadium in the Galleria area near the Southwest Freeway and the West Loop. It's a new idea that's gaining traction.

The Dynamo have won two championships and garnered fans, but one thing it doesn't have since moving to Houston is its own stadium. The land already purchased for the stadium in the city's east end today remains untouched and fans are getting anxious.

"Frustrated is not a word I would use. I'm hopeful this deal would be done, and a decision will be made soon," said Eric Nordstrom of the Dynamo Supporters Alliance.

Nordstrom pushed the issue again at commissioners court Tuesday morning, which caused Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack to offer up a completely new idea.. A stadium just south of the Galleria on land that is privately owned.

"This is an incredible design, it would be a private sector working with the dynamos, without public money whatsoever," said Radack.

Midway Properties owns this 30-acre tract of land. Preliminary renderings show a stadium that would sit just outside of the Loop as part of a multi-use development that would be adjacent to the METRO light rail line. The Dynamo say they've had preliminary talks with the developers.

"We're looking at that location, along with our folks from the city and county, trying to figure out, if it's better than the east end site. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, we just don't know yet," said Oliver Luck, President of the Houston Dynamo.

Luck said there are lots of details to work out before any decision is made. For dynamo fans, they'd just like stadium somewhere and soon.

"I'm interested in anything that would get a stadium deal done with as little public investment as possible," said Nordstrom.

It's important to note that the east end site is much further along since they've been working on that for years. The Dynamo have spoken to the city about the new site, but with a new mayor and new council members in place, the new stadium is not exactly at the top of their agenda.

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