Child, 4, killed in house fire

January 10, 2010 5:01:45 PM PST
A four-year-old is dead and three family members rushed to a hospital following a devastating house fire in Brazoria County. Flames broke out Sunday morning at a home near Sweeny. Fire investigators say it started around 10am. A family was inside the home located in the Brazoria County town of Sweeny. The intense flames and smoke killed a four-year-old inside the home.

Brazoria County Fire Marshal Al Priselac said, "(The victim was) found in the back bedroom."

Three more family members were injured. The grandfather, Craig Eggleston, 59, was flown to the hospital.

"(He suffered) facial burns and hand burns," Priselac said.

Eggleston's daughter, who was inside the home, was also injured.

Priselac said, "The mother, who is pregnant, was Life Flighted to Hermann Memorial Hospital."

They are both in critical condition. Eggleston's two-year-old grandson is in fair condition.

The father was on scene with investigators as they tried to determine what caused the damage to the home and led to one death and injuries of his entire family. Investigators aren't saying yet if the fire may be weather related.

"Right now until we conclude and finalize the investigation, we'll make that determination," Priselac said.

Investigators believe the fire started in a back bedroom, but the cause hasn't been determined.