Fulshear police chief involved in fatal crash

January 5, 2010 7:07:33 PM PST
The police chief of the Fulshear Police Department was involved in a deadly car accident. The victim still hasn't been identified yet. Police Chief Scott Head, who was driving his personal vehicle at the time, stopped to call in the accident and told the 911 dispatcher he was an off-duty police officer who had just been involved in a wreck. Accident investigators told us they do not believe Chief Head was impaired.

The accident happened December 29 right before 9pm near the 900 block of South Mason Road, just south of Cimmaron Parkway. Harris County Sheriff's Office accident investigators say the unidentified female was struck and killed by Chief Head's pickup truck as she crossed into the center southbound lane.

Authorities say Chief Head was on his way home after leaving a nearby restaurant. The roads were wet at the time and according to witnesses, Chief Head was driving about 30 miles an hour. Investigators told us they have no reason to believe he was impaired.

"He was checked for impairment, there were no signs of impairment at all. Myself and a supervisor spoke with him several times for an extended length and we found no signs of impairment. There was no slurred speech, nothing wrong with his eyes, no odors emitting from his breath of alcohol or anything," said Dep. Phillip Lillibridge of the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

When we asked the deputy if a field sobriety test was done, Dep. Lillibridge said, "No field sobriety test was conducted because we found no need to conduct a field sobriety test from our interview with him."

Investigators are asking for the public's help in identifying the victim who was hit and killed. She was wearing pieces of jewelry, including a silver heart locket and three rings.

"One was a frog, one was clear stone and the other one had a red stone," said Dep. Lillibridge.

She also had on a letterman's jacket with the Knights insignia on it. It's from Elkins High School in Missouri City class of 2000.

The investigation is ongoing and while it doesn't appear the driver will face any charges, investigators will present their findings to the Harris County District Attorney's Office for review.