Six units destroyed in apartment fire on Christmas

HOUSTON The fire started at the back of a northwest Harris County apartment complex around 4:30pm Friday. Firefighters left the scene five hours later. As the smell of smoke lingers in the air tonight, some families are left completely wiped out.

"I came around the corner and saw the porch was totally engulfed," said Leo MacLennan.

This is not a Christmas anyone would have imagined. Massive flames chewed away at the apartment building fast. Within minutes, six units were gutted. Everyone inside ran into the cold for safety.

"One lady came home and we heard her screaming because she had cats. And I think she lost her cats," MacLennan said.

His sister lives in the building next to this one. While her home is intact, the Haq family's is gone.

"Right now we've lost everything," said Fazar Haq.

Pakistani nationals, Fazar Haq and his wife have worked hard for three years to build a life in the U.S. Jobless, and now homeless, hope is slipping.

"I don't even have a penny. I left my wallet, my license, my glasses," said Haq.

A neighbor gave the entire family jackets and shoes because they ran out barefoot and in t-shirts.

"I leave everything, because I have to take my kids first," Haq said.

The eldest of their four young children painstakingly watched as her home and everything in it collapsed. The Christmas miracle was they all got out safely.

"I've been praying the whole time. God will bless them somehow. Takes some things out of your hands sometimes to put some better stuff in there," said MacLennan.

There is only one fire hydrant outside the complex and it wasn't working which delayed firefighters further in trying to put out the blaze.

Fire investigators say they don't know yet how the fire started.

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