Deputy dog killed chasing burglary suspects

HOUSTON The police dog, known as Blek, went after two suspects and didn't come back out. He was found dead and now authorities say one of the suspects confessed to choking the dog to death when it attacked the other suspect.

"The dog succumbed to unknown injuries at this point. Out K-9 is DOA," said Capt. Wally Wieghat.

It was all set into motion when burglars broke the back window of a home in the 1500 block of Stone Mesa. The homeowner said it's the second time in six months.

"That's the brick," homeowner Miguel Sauceda showed us. "I have a collection of two now."

As the burglars began loading up electronics that were eventually recovered, an alert neighbor called 911.

"She heard, or saw, them coming into my backyard. She lives right next to me," said Sauceda.

Constables responded and arrested one suspect driving the getaway car, but two other suspects hopped a back fence and darted into the woods. As deputies and two K-9s gave chase, one of the dogs ran ahead and was found deceased.

His handler is distraught over the loss of his partner.

"In this particular case, they're personal friends of our handlers. They're like family to them," said Capt. Wieghat. "Our handler is taking it very hard."

Blek was found with blood in its mouth. Its body was taken to Texas A&M overnight for necropsy. The suspect who killed the dog could now face additional charges.

The police dog was a Czech German Shepherd mix and he was about five years old.

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